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It's membership time!
We are in our membership renewal period, and if you are considering rejoining or thinking about joining for the first time, please have a look at the benefits of being a member are here at this link.


If you are a Chamber of Commerce member and would like to update your information in the "Businesses" section of the website, please email us your updated information at We are especially looking for your website addresses!


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Ten Commonly Asked Questions

  1. Does the Chamber have an office in the Village? No. The Executive Director serves on a part-time contract basis and work out of their residence. An information Center was established in 1996 in lieu of an office.
  2. What does the Chamber do for me? As a member, you receive a free listing on the Chamber’s Web Site and a free listing in the Membership Directory. Greene Chamber members may also attend County Chamber events, seminars, functions, etc. at County Chamber Member rates. If requested, an Ambassador is assigned to your business which provides you with opportunities to promote your business. But most important, the Chamber helps provide the quality of life that contributes to the best atmosphere in which to do business, to visit, to live and to enjoy.
  3. How can I reach the Chamber? Call the dedicated Chamber telephone number (607) 656-8225 during regular business hours. If the Executive Director is unavailable, leave a message and your call will be promptly returned. All correspondence should be mailed to P.O. Box 441, Greene, NY 13778.
  4. Where is the Information Center and how is it used? The Information Center is located in the commons area of the Pheasant Farm Mall. It is open seven days a week and is to be used by Chamber Members to help market their businesses.
  5. How is the Business of the Month selected? Randomly. Each month the previous Business of the Month draws a member name from the list of current business members in good standing. Previously Businesses of the Month, Churches and non-profit organizations are not eligible for Business of the Month. However, new member businesses are.
  6. I want to join, but don’t have time to volunteer. Should I join Anyway? Yes. Your support of Chamber activities is appreciated. If circumstances change and you are able to become involved – great! But this is not a requirement.
  7. What are the categories of membership? Agricultural, individuals and any business with less than seven employees -$40.00: Professionals, Insurance, Utilities, Public Entities, and any business with 7 – 24 employees - $65.00: Credit Unions, Banks, Savings & Loans and any business with 25 or more employees - $130.00: and Associate Members, Service & Non-Profit Organizations, Senior Citizens and individuals who are not business affiliated - $30.00.
  8. When can I join? Any time. Your membership dues will be billed on your anniversary date, which is one year from the time you become a member.
  9. Why should a nonprofit organization become a member? It is one more way to support the community. The Chamber is a resource for marketing, membership and community awareness. In addition, the Chamber takes calls, answers questions, and makes referrals for the area’s nonprofit and civic organizations, as well as businesses.
  10. How can I get involved? One way is to serve as a Chamber Ambassador. Another is to serve as a member of the Board of Directors. Or just call if you have interest in a particular area.

Greater Greene Chamber of Commerce
(607) 656-8225
PO Box 441
Greene, NY 13778
Meetings held last Tuesday of the month 5:30 PM at the town hall at 51 Genessee Street in Greene

Village of Greene
(607) 656-4500
49 Genesee Street
Greene, NY 13778

Town of Greene
(607) 656-4191
51 Genesee Street
PO Box 129
Greene, NY 13778

Greene Central School District (607) 656-4161
40 S. Canal St.
Greene, NY 13778